bukit Canberra swimming complex

Bukit Canberra Swimming Complex

Welcome to a World of Adventure

Bukit Canberra Swimming Pool

Located in the heart of Sembawang, Bukit Canberra Swimming Complex welcomes you to a world of adventure where sport, socialising and a healthy lifestyle come together.

Bukit Canberra Integrated Hub provides a range of amenities and activities at the community space to bring families and neighbours closer for a more cohesive and vibrant community.

With the largest ActiveSG Gym that consists of indoor and outdoor pools, come join us to explore Bukit Canberra swimming Complex as the one-stop destination to forge new friendship, bond with families and for everyone to enjoy the fun at the pool!

Discover Bukit Canberra Swimming Complex!

bukit Canberra swimming complex

More than a Pool

Not just a swimming pool, but a place to relax, have fun under the sun and meet new friend

bukit Canberra swimming complex

Explore and Have Fun!

Swimming is one of the safest sport and an ideal way to bond with family, and having fun with loved ones and friends.

bukit Canberra swimming complex

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Looking for a way to reduce the stress of life? Stay balanced and unwind at our pool while helping to get you into shape!

In addition to our swimming complex, explore what’s in our neighbourhood while you are here!

Experience Swimming At Bukit Canberra

Kids Classes

It’s never too late to learn how to swim. Whether you’re new to swimming or have young ones who like to learn, we offer a wide range of programmes for all ages and abilities.


Our experienced and passionate team strives to meet the needs of all learners. We encourage diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities for all learners.

bukit Canberra swimming complex bukit Canberra swimming complex bukit Canberra swimming complex bukit Canberra swimming complex